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Hi! My name is Matt. I am a Web Developer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Just in case you are asking yourself, “what is this site all about?” I figured I would tell you right here. The site is about one thing; sharing information I have learned regarding marketing a small business on the Internet. I value learning and I am sure you do to. However, trying to learn how to market a business on the Internet is no small task, and if you are trying run a business and learn very technical things at the same time, it is even tougher.

So, I decided to share what I have learned with anyone that would like to learn more about online marketing. The truth is, most things you can do on the Internet are actually pretty easy, if you know where to look.

Since I am constantly working as a web designer and developer, I have had to learn some of the basics in marketing as well because the roles of designer, developer, and marketer overlap to a degree.

In putting together websites for my customers I found that many great businesses get overlooked simply because the owner does not have the big budget needed to hire a marketing agency to handle it for them. So, these entrepreneurs end up marketing their own businesses. The difficulty comes when they begin trying to get some ‘traction’ on the Internet.

Because marketing on the internet is more technical in nature, some great managers and business savvy owners cannot take the time to read many of the technical specifications in order to learn how to get something done. However if someone could explain it in plain English, they could do it. Other hard working owners feel like they just need encouragement and reassurance to help them push through to the next level of marketing their business on the Internet.

These challenges are what made me decide to create this site. SmallBusinessWebTips.com is dedicated to bringing information about promoting small businesses to the small business owners. I will be curating information that I think might help small business owners in their marketing efforts. So please, take a minute to let me know what kinds of challenges you are dealing with as far as marketing on the Internet. I want to provide the tips that help the most people at one time and by letting me know what kinds of obstacles you are trying to navigate through, it will help me determine where to focus my energies.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this site. I wish you the best.

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